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Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. , and raised in Latin America, Denise J. Marino opened her vision to many different cultures at an early age. With her camera, she started capturing colorful images from all over the world. Her collection of photographic images includes documentation of social functions, theatrical performances, portraits, photo journalism , artistic images, etc. She has won many awards and been extensively published in various magazines, including Geomundo & Donde magazines. With the emergence of digital photography, her first two experiences were photographing Japan and Cuba. She is currently dedicating her talent to one of the most sensual & vibrant forms of art: Belly Dancing! Her passion for that art has led her to experience the dance itself and find out that every part of the body is a work of art!

In collaboration with Tamalyn Dallal and the Mid Eastern Dance Exchange, she created Miami Beach's first photo exhibit

dedicated solely to the art of belly dance, as part of the multi media presentation of film, dance & photography
titled "Supplemented Silence". With such artistic success, the Miami Beach Cinematheque hosted her following exhibit"The Cars of Cuba".

Over 200 of Denise Marino's photos grace the pages of the book "Belly Dancing For Fitness", written by Tamalyn Dallal, published by Ulysses Press in 2004.

In August 2003, Ms. Marino travelled to Bulgaria & Roumania with Tamalyn Dallal, where she had the rare honor of photographing both Florin Cioaba,"King of the Gypsies", and M.S.Radelescu Lulian, "Emperor of the Gypsies", as well as
capturing the transitional times that both Eastern European countries were experiencing.

In August, 2004, Ms. Marino ventured to the Peoples Republic of China, where she took thousands of artistic and documentary photographs. Her photographic library is a gold mine of images from all over the world, as well as artists and characters from diverse walks of life, all taken with a perception and imagination that are unique to Denise's artistic vision.
For the past 3 years Ms. Marino has been travelling to Egypt to photograph the Ahlan Wa Sahlan festival. She has photographed all the famous Egyptian bellydancers. After the festival, she has taken groups of bellydancers on tours to Siwa & the White Desert , where she performs photo sessions of them. You can check her website periodically since it changes every week.
Earlier this year she published a book called Dancing Across the Lines. The book was an inspiration from Tamalyn Dallal's live concert of bellydance, 40 Days and 1001 Nights, shown in January at the Colony Theatre in Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach. The show featured Tamalyn Dallal, Bozenka, Amar Gamal, Kaeshi, Bellyqueen and many more great performers.

She has been published in Zaghareet magazine. This past September 2007, she was featured in a new magazine called Bellydance Japan where it features Francesca on the cover of the magazine. She was also featured in a Brazilian magazine called Qual E, and an online magazine called The Gilded Serpent showing her pix of the first Bellydance Conference in Toronto. In November 2007 she was featured in Argentina's Info Arabe magazine. It featured Bozenka on the cover of the magazine. In December 2007, spring 2008 and summer 2008, Bellydance Japan featured other cover photos and photos inside. The summer issue featured 15 photos of Spirit of the Tribes 2008.
Her latest accomplishment was the front cover of Tamalyn Dallal's recent book, 40 Days & 1001 Nights.

Update & summary:
Denise was in Hong Kong & Shanghai in November, 2008. She photographed Tamalyn Dallal's Orientalia and a show in Shanghai. Pictures were featured in another issue of Bellydance Japan Magazine.
Denise attended the Ahlan Wa Sahlan festival in 2009. She photographed bellydancers in the desert . Bellydance Japan already published one of the pix in the front cover and covered the festival.
Denise attended the Nile Festival in 2010 and pix were published in Bellydance Japan, including the cover pix taken of a bellydancer in the White Desert. She took a group of people on the Nile Cruise & did photo sessions at the pyramids and Temples.

All in all, she has been featured in 12 covers of Bellydance Japan magazine...and more to come.
She recently photographed the 2nd Miami Bellydance Convention. Hopefully it will grow & will become a very important event here in Miami. She will be photographong the 3rd one as well.
She recently photographed the tenth Spirit of the Tribes , a big tribal festival produced by Maja. Her photographs will be featured in Bellydance Japan magazine soon.
She has been published a few times in Yallah Magazine and many others.